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The Gyma range

Gyma designs, produces and distributes emulsified sauces (mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, salad dressing…), dephased sauces (vinaigrettes…) and cooked sauces (ketchup, barbecue sauce, sweet and sour…) adapted to the needs of professionals in the catering and commercial sectors.

Our mission is to imagine the best cold sauces in order to give the final consumer a maximum of pleasure, and to sublimate the talents of our cooking partners.

Our assortment, composed of nearly 150 recipes available in fifteen different packagings, allows us to offer a wide range of products unequalled on the market.

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With an expertise of nearly 30 years, Gyma is recognized as a major European player in the market of cold sauces and has the necessary know-how to meet the expectations of both the Food Industry and the Catering Industry in the broadest sense.

In collaboration with the marketing, R&D and quality departments of its customers, we integrate in complete confidentiality the specifications describing recipes, packaging, dosages, quantities, production rates and delivery times. Compliance with these agreements is monitored with the utmost rigor.

Organoleptic, nutritional, physico-chemical, volumetric, microbiological specifications, formulations or special packaging, Gyma responds with flexibility and speed to all constraints by developing recipes and packaging best suited to the needs of its customers.

Our strengths

the agile force

To be both bold in our initiatives and reliable in their implementation. Passion makes Gyma move forward and reason makes it last!

Gyma has several assets to satisfy its customers and to be a major player in the market of cold sauces.

A wide and
relevant range

Our range has been designed to meet the different needs of the food service industry.

We manufacture individual portions (pods, cups, service boxes…) ideal for self-service, deliveries or take-away sales.

We also offer our sauces in large packaging (buckets, cans, squeezes) for kitchens.

Our range is also relevant in the variety of our recipes: classic (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard), world flavors (Curry, Algerian, Italian, Sojapan…), traditional (béarnaise, tartar, pepper…) or for salads.

and expertise

Our dual expertise as a manufacturer and creator of sauces allows us to invent the sauces of tomorrow while taking into account the constraints of use, conservation and formulation.

In tune with the latest trends, our R&D department strives to transform simple ideas into the sauces of tomorrow, with always a taste ahead!

Nous ne vendons qu’aux professionnels mais nous savons que nos produits ont également beaucoup de succès chez vous, particuliers…

Vous pourrez donc retrouver quelques références de notre assortiment sur Amazon.

Allez-y jeter un œil, ça vaut le goût !  😉

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