We are sauces’ Creators

We anticipate the expectations, needs and requirements of the catering and commercial sectors, as well as those of the fast-food and mobile food industries, in order to better satisfy them through our creativity, our responsiveness and our adaptability in the field of cold sauces.

As a designer, producer and distributor of sauces, we are committed to providing our customers with products and services of excellence, in order to give the end consumer maximum pleasure.

This is why we have become the leader in France and a reference in Europe in the field of cold sauces.

For the exaltation of taste

Our values

We strive
for excellence


team spirit

customer satisfaction

Our products

Thick mayonnaise


Cocktail Sauce


Chipotle sauce




Nous ne vendons qu’aux professionnels mais nous savons que nos produits ont également beaucoup de succès chez vous, particuliers…

Vous pourrez donc retrouver quelques références de notre assortiment sur Amazon.

Allez-y jeter un œil, ça vaut le goût !  😉

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