Cajun From Louisiana

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Creamy and spicy thanks to its herbs and spices, Cajun sauce will take you on a journey to Louisiana. It will warm up in the blink of an eye both plated dishes and snacking essentials.

Packaging: Squeez

Economical & Practical
Ergonomically shaped, the 950g Squeez is a perfect size to be on a restaurant counter or in the kitchen.
The opaque bottle ensures good preservation of the sauce, its pointed cap makes it easy to measure out and apply the sauce to sandwiches, and it is also resealable.
The design of the label has been modernised: better readability of the product name and a strong colour code per recipe.


Kitchen / Side plate

Ingredients list:

Rapeseed oil, water, spirit vinegar, sugar, egg yolk, spices 2. 3% (paprika, coriander, cumin, pepper, chilli, turmeric), salt, MUSTARD (water, spirit vinegar, MUSTARD seeds, salt, acidifier: E330, sugar, spice, antioxidant: E224, flavourings), dehydrated onions, modified potato starch, dehydrated garlic, acidifier: lactic acid, mix of aromatic plants, thickeners: xanthan gum – guar gum, malted barley extract (GLUTEN), preservative: potassium sorbate

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