Environmentale issues are our priority

In the last 10 years the reduction of our impact on the environment has become a top priority for our factory.

For the same volume of activity, our water consumption has already been reduced by almost 40% over the last 5 years. This result has been achieved thanks to our constant efforts to combat wastage, by rationalizing our production schedules and by installing technical equipment and machinery which enable us to reduce the amount of water needed for the same end result.

The action undertaken to reduce water consumption has now been extended to other utilities such as gas and electricity, and to this end a partnership agreement has been signed with the Electricity Board.

Selective sorting has been in place now for 10 years for most of our solid waste (paper and cardboard, plastic, wood, iron…).

Our environmental policy extends beyond our factory as we work with our suppliers on solutions to reduce the secondary packaging on the products they supply to us.

In 2011, these actions, together with those undertaken with our raw materials and equipment suppliers, have resulted in the replacement of all our industrial printers by a technical solution which is much more respectful of the environment.

The efficiency of these actions is monitored using performance indicators which are updated on a daily basis.

Because transport generally accounts for most of the carbon footprint of a product, Gyma uses rail as much as possible for transport between our production plants and our warehouses, and for distribution.

Transport between Germany and France has been rationalized so as to reduce the number of individual deliveries.

The management of our regular transport from the South of France to the Paris area using road-rail has resulted in a significant reduction of our carbon footprint of approximately 300 truck journeys per year.